Transitions and Transformations
Panel Schedules

We all face transitions of one kind or another as we grow older. Many of us in the near future (perhaps even before we next meet for our 45th Reunion in five years time) will face the formal transition from "work" to "retirement" -- whatever those two categories have come to mean in our current society. Some will be stepping down from positions of responsibility in the university, corporate or government world. Others will be presiding over transitions in the lives of their families and friends as children get married, grandchildren are born and some friends and family die. These transitions and many others can give us moment to reflect on what we have learned and where we are headed.

For some among us these transitions have been absorbed as part of an expected sequence of what it means to mature. For others the transitions we have encountered have occasioned substantial transformations in our outlook, our intentions and the future orientation for our lives. Each of our life journeys is different; all are precious.

What is true on the personal level is also dramatically apparent on a collective basis. Our country and our culture have undergone numerous transitions over the last 40 years since we graduated in 1968. Moreover, many observers are now pointing to the need for far more radical transformations in the near future. They argue that in the coming years our culture will need to undertake massive transformations in its self-understanding, its expectations and our collective behavior if we wish to survive for very much longer as a country, as a civilization and, perhaps even, as a species.

This year's Class Reunion Panels give us a chance to reflect upon the themes of transition and transformation on both the personal and the collective scale. Moderated by Bob Reisner, one panel, entitled: "Striving, Stopping and New Beginnings," gives us the opportunity to reflect upon important transitions or transformations in our own lives. The other panel on the subject of carbon energy, climate change and the future, moderated by Tim Weiskel, will focus on the collective transitions and transformations that are in store for our society and the entire world in the years and decades ahead. Further, on Saturday, following the Class Memorial Service, those who wish will have the occasion to share their spiritual journeys in the context of "Splendor & Wisdom: Reverend William Sloane Coffin, Jr. and the Yale Class of 1968."

The Reunion Program Committee very much hopes you will enjoy participating in these afternoon Class Panel Discussions and share your reflections with each other throughout the weekend as part of our 40th Reunion activities.



Panel Schedules


2:00-3:30 pm
Class Panel on "Carbon Energy, Climatge Change and the Future of the Human Prospect"
Tim Weiskel will chair a session including James Gustave (Gus) Speth, Dean of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Sciences, investigative journalist, Eugene Linden and Tom Kuhn, President of the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). Click here for background material and biographies of our panelists.