Dan Begel, M.D.

Dan Begel, M.D. is a psychiatrist practicing in Santa Monica, California. Dan is the founding President of the International Society of Sport Psychiatry (ISSP).

The International Society of Sport Psychiatry is an organization that applies the science and practice of psychiatry to the world of sports. The organization is ten years old and has over 100 members in various countries around the world. Members come from both academic and private practice settings. Important benefits of membership include being part of a regional referral network, an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues, a quarterly newsletter, and periodic member profiles on its web site.

Dan is the co-editor, with Bob Burton, of Sport Psychiatry: Theory and Practice (W.W. Norton, 2000). From Amazon.com the reader can learn that “a review of Sport Psychiatry in JAMA, (June 21, 2000) stated that Dr. Begel's "psychodynamic understanding of the athlete is unparalleled."

Dan is married to a former professional athlete, Kym (Carter) Begel, and they have two wonderful children, Carter and Marie, age nine. In his spare time Dan is developing a new business based on a medical device he has invented.