Photo Forthcoming

Andrew Morse

Andrew R. Morse is the Senior Vice President, Investments of the Morse Group with UBS Financial Services since 2001. He has been Senior Vice President Investments of Solomon Smith Barney Inc. an investment banking firm, and Smith Barney Inc. its predecessor from March 1993 to October 2001.

Andy’s career in finance reaches back through several other firms and has taken him around the world – through Eastern Europe following the energy crisis in the 70s advising governments on the pathway through the energy transformation. He has lived in Canada in the times of stress in Eastern Canada as well.

Andy Morse sits on numerous philanthropic boards and has been and has been Board of Directors of Seacor Holdings (NYSE-CKH), guiding their investments in energy, environmental and transportation projects since the early 1980s.

Among the philanthropic boards, Andy Morse serves on the board of Americans for Generational Equity, a think tank devoted to consideration of the implications of budget policies and federal entitlements.

Chairing the morning session of a a national conference on generational equity last year, Andy fulfilled one life aspiration by introducing and spending the morning with Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, spending a morning seeking to do some good.

This is a topic – doing good - that Andy Morse and Jim Ponet have engaged recently and one goal of the panel will be to expand the circle of that discussion.